Human Traces on the Urban Landscape

The exhibition Human Traces on the Urban Landscape was at Clare Hall, Herschel Road, Cambridge, CB3 9AL. Human Traces on the Urban Landscape, (co-curated with Julie Fountain), was first shown at STOUR Space, Hackney Wick in 2013. The artists: Rosie Snell, Günther Herbst and myself Alexandra Baraitser.

The city can be a lonely place, but the tracks left behind form shadows and echoes that are both haunting and inspirational. The 21st century urban space is both riotous and socially complex - a rich layering of networks, multi-racial and political - and yet it can appear empty. The painters Herbst, Baraitser and Snell - through a language both abstract and figurative, leave traces and clues for us to discover and mysteries to solve. In his book on Howard Hodgkin, Andrew Graham Dixon writes how a picture talks of the “human presence” and“remembering somebody in their absence”. Similarly, a focus on absence and presence is provided in this exhibition.


Paintings by Baraitser at Clare Hall, University of Cambridge March 2015